About Vivula

My name is ‘Tola and I’m the founder of Vivula.

Hello and welcome to my online shop

For as long as I can remember, I have loved creating things. The whole process from the moment an idea pops into my head, gathering all the bits I’m going to need to breath life into it, till when it’s finally here, there on the table all shiny and new, in front of me. I find it so amazing,  exhilarating and at times emotional! 

I’m mostly self taught, so there have been quite a few “interesting” results over time. However, these have always become learning experiences.

I have a passion for semi-precious stones and pearls. I’m fascinated that such beauty could occur naturally! 

The most enjoyable part of working with leather is the softness of the leather I use and the smell which fills my studio with that gorgeous new leather smell.

Reducing waste it important to me and so I make small items from leather that would otherwise be discarded. Find these in the “very useful items” section.

I work part-time and I look forward to the days I’ll be in my tiny London studio.

This year (2020) I began my adventure in silversmithing to learn to make toggle clasps. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have spent a lot of time making rings, new pearl necklaces and cuffs. Have a look and see what you think. 

A major part of my design process is for my creation to not only stand out by being unique in some way, but also to bring pleasure and enjoyment to the wearer/user.

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