About Vivula

‘Tola Adegboye-Founder

Stylish, well made accessories that make you feel special everyday.

Your desire for beautiful, authentic accessories means you are not interested in fake items that are made to look like the real thing. Well, here at Vivula, only real leather, gemstones, pearls and precious metals are used to make items you will cherish for years and others will love to receive.

You know what it’s like to have high standards and want something a little different than the ordinary, at a reasonable price and how difficult it is to find.

You enjoy thoughtfully crafted, versatile accessories that fit into your everyday life and that are a pleasure to use/wear.

Single units or small batches of each item is made, and though some may be similar, they are never the same. Meaning that you can always express your distinctive uniqueness.

Each item is designed and crafted to be stylish, trend resistant and long lasting.

Social Responsibility

  • The leather I use comes from animals that have been used for food. And when it comes to waste, leather off cuts are not just thrown away, they are made into small useful goods like keyrings, coin purses etc.
  • The pearls come from a family of pearl producers in China.
  • Precious metals used are mostly recycled.
  • Gemstones are purchased from a seller who buys directly from gem cutters in Jaipur, India at a fair price.
  • Packaging and postage materials are eco-friendly.

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