Necklace of Large Lustrous Pearls


Modern Classic Pearl Necklace

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You will look stunning in this necklace!!

These rare pearls, though freshwater, look a bit like the famous Akoya Pearls.

Each pearl is about 12mm and the colour and luster are so delicious.

To make sure you get a lot from my products, I  like to make them multi purpose; you can wear this with the large decorative Sterling Silver clasp towards the front, at the side or at the back for a classic, elegant look.

In front, there are sterling silver Bali beads that accent the central pearl and a series of smaller ones interspersed along the front of the the necklace.

Anyway you wear it, it’s bound to turn heads!!

Your necklace will arrive in a box with a leather pouch for storage.

Always remember to put on your pearls after your spray perfume (if you wear it).

Dimensions: 18″/46cm