This slimline tan leather phone purse with cheetah print doubles as a  travel pouch and is very handy for keeping your documents in one place, with a handy card holder, you are prepared for your trip.

Sometimes you still need to have cash on you and this will hold your notes as well.

It’s also handy if you’re just popping out quickly and don’t want to take your bag with you.

It fastens with a couple of brass Sam Brown studs; the undersides of which have been covered with leather, so as not to scratch your phone.

This one is made from a beautiful pebbled tan calf leather that feels great in your hands and the front flap is made from hair on (cheetah print) hide that was left over from another project. I have left the edges as they are, so as not to create more waste but have created a unique piece that’s sure to start conversations.

Its a one of a kind item that will make a great gift.

Dimensions: 7”/18cm x 3.5”/9cm


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